Big improvement with Premium Vision

Big improvement with Premium Vision

Dear Good Health,

I thought you might be interested in my experiences with Premium vision.

I have glaucoma and also cataracts in both eyes. I took the formula for sometime and noticed some improvement. I also take magnesium, ascorbic acid and orthoplex LM1 as well as a general multi vitamin. However the pressure in both eyes remained high at around 25. My eye specialist said that if at the next check up (a gap of 4 months) the pressure hadn’t come down then I would need surgery. I had stopped taking the Premium vision as I seemed to be taking so much stuff.

My Chiropractor/Naturopath said she felt it important to keep taking the Premium vision as it is such a brilliant formula and she had found great results in the people she had recommended it to and to try taking two a day instead. After about a week I noticed a big improvement in my vision. I forgot I was wearing glasses and stopped taking them off constantly to see if they needed cleaning.

I went to my next eye appointment with a little trepidation. The eye tests (to their surprise) showed a slight improvement on the last check and to my delight the pressure had come down to 12 and the cataracts were showing less. Fantastic!
I continue to take the Premium vision and am very happy with the results.

With thanks,
Yours sincerely,
Mrs A Hallinon

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