I awaken feeling no exhaustion

I awaken feeling no exhaustion

Three months ago I purchased my first supply of Deep sleep capsules and am extremely praiseworthy of the results I am receiving.

I have a chronic lung condition contributing to many years of disturbed sleep and on occasions I resorted to taking prescribed sleeping medication.

I realized this was not the best nor the kindest solution to my long term sleeping problem, and after seeking some advice from my Respiratory Physician, it was suggested I try a non addictive herbal supplement that contained Tryptophan. I then sought assistance from my health shop where they recommended Deep sleep.

I take one capsule ½ hour before bedtime and whilst not always falling asleep immediately, I certainly do not lie awake for any long periods of time, and yes, I do still waken during the night, but I am not anxious or tense as I know sleep will come.

I awaken feeling no exhaustion or tired sore eyes due to lack of sleep.

I would say to anyone with a similar problem, try Deep sleep - it worked for me, it may well work for you.


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