I had severe anxiety, depression and insomnia

I had severe anxiety, depression and insomnia

Just a note to let you know how good your Deep sleep product is.

I had a head injury in December 2008 and came down with severe anxiety, depression and insomnia. The social anxiety was so bad that I had problems being around my own family. I had this for 3 months. I tried all the anti-depressants on the market to no avail. Some of the anti depressants actually made it worse. My breathing was also really out of time and I had not slept for most of the 3 months. I thought I had come to an end.

I went into a health store and they started me on Deep sleep. Within a day or two I was improving greatly and started to get 3 or 4 hours sleep a night and the anxiety and depression started to lessen.

I have now been on Deep sleep for 3 months. My sleeping patterns are nearly back to normal and feel like I am almost leading a normal life with no side effects. My moods are also back to normal. My Psychiatrist first rated my condition as 46 points out of 66. My new assessment just the other day rated 11 points out of 66 on my worst day which in laymans terms is about normal.

I am very grateful for your product.

Thanks Good Health,

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