Iron Chews tasty and convenient

Iron Chews tasty and convenient

Dear Good Health,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am about the Good Health Iron chews. I have been taking them regularly for a month now and have just had my ferritin levels tested as I often do because they are normally low. They normally sit around the 20’s which is not in the danger level still low enough to make me feel tired, so I have been trying to get them up.

My test results showed that they were now at 54 which I am very pleased about and who knows how high they will be in a few months.

I find in this form they are just so easy to take and I even look forward to taking them as they are just so tasty. For me it is really convenient to be able to just pop one in my bag and take it at lunch time. I find liquids are easily forgotten and tablets too hard to digest, but the chewables are too yummy to miss and what a great price too!

Thanks for another fabulous product.
M Lee

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