Lowered cholesterol levels with Body Cleanse

Lowered cholesterol levels with Body Cleanse

A couple of months ago my wife and I took a weeks course of the Body cleanse and then followed it up with a month long course.

For 3 years my wife had had high cholesterol with a count of 9 points for which she had been taking medication with little improvement. To her delight after blood tests two months later her cholesterol had come down and her abdomen didn’t feel as distended.

For myself, I have been delighted to find that the previous stiff back I had been putting up with for the last year, had greatly eased (not cured) but vastly improved as recent x-rays had shown it to be arthritis. My bowel movements have become much more regular. We are both in our 60’s and 70’s.

We recommended it to our son and daughter who both took it for a month and were pleased with the result. They in turn recommended it to her mother in law who is currently on a month course. I have recently purchased another 2 boxes to keep my wife’s cholesterol down. I guess it is working in on the liver. So all together 9 boxes…not bad eh!

Mr and Mrs Mayer

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