My dad looks and feels so much better

My dad looks and feels so much better

Dear Good Health,

Before Christmas I was most concerned about my 75 year old father who suffers from heart failure. Dad seemed to be going down hill; no energy; severe loss of weight and generally had difficulty doing the simplest tasks. He was extremely ill.

I was lucky enough to read an article on Co enzyme Q10 which interested me greatly. I pursued the matter and on research, among other things, found the Co enzyme Q10 was prescribed extensively overseas (Japan, Sweden etc) by the medical profession specifically for heart failure.

I purchased the product for my father (who of course was on medically prescribed drugs). He took them firstly to his GP and then to his specialist to ask if he could safely include them with his medication. The answer was, “well they can’t do you any harm”.

Dad has now been on Opti CoQ10 for 5 months. He has returned to his normal weight which is remarkable in someone his age. He has more energy and strength, but the very best thing is he just feels so good. What is more, he looks it too! In fact to be honest he has a new lease on life.

Thank you Good Health and thank you Opti CoQ10.