My eyes are improving with age

My eyes are improving with age

Dear Good Health,

I am writing to thank you for your products, especially the Premium vision eye care.

About 2 ½ years ago my Eye Specialist said I had very, very dry eyes and the suspicion of a cataract forming.

On asking if vitamins would help, I was given a long list of appropriate ones. So then I went on a hunt for something that would include all these vitamins. After trial and error I found your Premium vision eye care and have been taking one a day ever since.

I have just been back to my Eye Specialist and he was amazed at the improvement in the general health of my eyes. There is now just a hint of dryness in the outside corners and my great news is that there is no suspicion at all of a cataract forming. All thanks to your product.

This improvement in my eyes is an amazing result considering I am in my early 60’s when the opposite should be happening.

Of course I took along an empty packet of the Premium vision eye care so that my Specialist could see what I was using and hopefully recommend it to others with the same results.

With grateful thanks for my eyes Good Health,

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