10 Tips for Marathon Training

10 Tips for Marathon Training

Author -  Good Health

For everyone who is ramping up their training schedules for the mass of marathons coming up, here are a few tips. Show a friend support by sharing some wisdom before the big event. Prior to the excessive, ‘whooping’ and cheering from the sidelines, of course.

1. Reduce processed food in your diet.

Cheeky fast food burger? No way.  Swap it for a meat and salad sandwich on whole meal bread.  Diets high in processed foods inhibit absorption of key nutrients such as magnesium.

2. Detox your liver.

Alcohol consumption leads to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in your body for its involvement in over 300 enzymatic processes. One of which is producing energy, which you’ll need for all that training.

3. Work on your running technique.

Find the best stride length for you. Samantha Clayton, a trainer and former Olympic sprinter says short, choppy strides fatigue your muscles faster.

4. Get shoes that fit.

It’s worth the investment for a good pair to avoid injuring yourself and missing the big day.

5. Double up on socks.

Why wear one pair when you can wear two? This will avoid any horrific blisters that could intervene on your training.

6. Calci- up.

Up your calcium intake to maintain bone and joint health. This is of particular importance to female runners, we’ve got Hi-cal which contains Vitamin D to make sure the calcium is properly absorbed.

7. Go long and then longer.

Make sure your training plan is gradually increasing your distance.

8. Ice it up.

If you’ve been for an extra long run, ice your shins for 5-10 minutes to get rid of any nasty inflammation that may be present. It’s a cheap preventative measure and a good excuse to put your feet up, win-win?

9. Don’t let anything knock you back.

Ladies only, they may not be that sexy.. but a maternity bra will feel a whole lot better in terms of preventing the dreaded chafe.

10.  Get pro- active to prevent losing steam.

Magnesium is particularly important for athletes as it is lost through sweat during intensive exercise. If you’re suffering fatigue, muscle pain, spasms or cramps you may be lacking in magnesium. We’ve got Magnesium Ultra with Superior Absorption and added nutrients to maintain those magnesium levels. Opti Mag powder also contains extra co-factors such as malic acid, B vitamins and the amino acids glutamine and taurine, which support optimal muscle function and energy in the body making it ideal for athletes and muscle recovery.

Not all products recommended may be available in South Africa at this time.

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Not all products recommended may be available in South Africa at this time