How to resist the temptation of Easter

How to resist the temptation of Easter

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It starts with an innocent hot crossed bun, just to get ‘into the spirit’ of Easter. Before you know it, you’re scrunching up colourful tinfoil - several chocolate eggs later, wondering how exactly you got here. That’s right, Easter happened. Here’s our top tips for resisting the temptation to reduce the damage.

Easter has to be one of the naughtiest times of year in terms of providing temptation. The old ‘everyone else is so I’ll treat myself’ comes out to play for many of us. We’ve compiled our top tips to resisting the temptations of Easter.

1. Ask yourself one simple question

Before you eat it just ask yourself, ‘is it worth it?’  A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips and all that... Just be sure you’re making a conscious decision to enjoy a delicious treat rather than going in all guns blazing for six chocolate eggs and a hot crossed bun because the kids at the party went for it...

2. Limit your treats

Don’t pig out on Easter goodies – have half a hot cross bun, not a full one, eat a small amount of dark chocolate not a large one. Don’t buy heaps of Easter eggs, just one good one each. If you’re trying to lose weight don’t buy one for yourself, just ask someone in the family for a little bit of theirs just for a taste – you’ll still be satisfied but you won’t have the guilt.

3. Eat the good stuff

Eat protein to stay full. Remember that eating protein with each meal will keep you fuller for longer and stop you feeling hunger in between meals. This means you are less likely to want to personally demolish all of the Easter treats in the pantry.

4. Eat food that stabilises your blood sugar levels to reduce cravings

Stick to your tried and true weight management plan. This should include protein as mentioned above, and low glycemic carbohydrates such as kumara, pumpkin, whole grains, brown rice etc. Salad and veges should always fill half of your plate.  Good, healthy fats should also be included. Not too much, just enough like a bit of flax seed oil over your salad or veges. You can also add flax seed oil to your smoothies, coconut oil in cooking and smoothies, or simply enjoy a handful of nuts.

5. Make the Easter egg hunt more like an obstacle course

Make your egg hunt more active so everyone is still fitting in some exercise. This is a sneaky way to ensure everyone’s getting their thirty minutes of push-play time in and it has the potential to be way more fun for the kids anyway. Hide eggs in the bushes, trees, around the garden and then let the Easter egg hunt begin.

6. Look to supplements that stabilise blood sugar levels

Take Svetol 2800 to help stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce any extra cravings that a cupboard filled with hot crossed buns, chocolate and other treats may induce. Svetol 2800 will also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from entering your blood which helps to manage weight and reduce those cravings.

7. Burn fat faster with help from natural supplements

Garcinia Cambogia also helps to manage cravings and appetite as another effective way to help you control those temptations over Easter weekend. The active ingredient HCA works by encouraging your body to use fat as an energy source rather than storing it.

8. When you eat chocolate, choose the right type to enjoy 

There’s nothing wrong with eating chocolate – it’s more about the amount and type. Sometimes you just can’t resist and let’s be honest… who can? Try to choose a minimum of 70% cocoa. This means it is not only better for you, but you won’t feel like eating as much because it’s richer and is stronger in taste. Darker chocolate also contains less sugar and milk products (if any) which makes it lower in calories. That’s the ticket right there.

9. Make the most of a long weekend and get outdoors

A long weekend is such bliss. However, before you get too relaxed and sink into the sofa try to spend some time outdoors – even if you need a raincoat! New Zealand is a playground with heaps of lovely beaches, regional parks and of course city parks such as Cornwall Park in Auckland that are waiting to be explored. Make the most of it by taking your bike, going for a run or walking and burn off some of those additional calories. Exercise generally makes you less inclined to crave junk food. Plus, you’ll generally get a surge of endorphins which will make you feel great. Endorphins are feel good hormones and certain things help produce them, funnily enough chocolate consumption and exercise are two things that do.

10. Dress for the day ahead of you

It’s pretty clear from the get-go that if you don your sweatpants then you’re in for a lazy day. The thing about lazy days? They’re the kind of day that are made for you to ‘let things slide’. So, for Easter weekend – if you’re serious about weight management we’d recommend you plan an active day from the start. Wear your super tight jeans or ‘skinny clothes’ to make you feel good – that way you might be less tempted to pig out. If you’re planning the gym or to exercise in the morning, lay your gear out the night before as a friendly reminder.

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