Regeneration vs. Degeneration: Top Tips For Staying Youthful

Regeneration vs. Degeneration: Top Tips For Staying Youthful

What is the secret to staying young? Are there any secrets at all? We’re all looking for the path to the fountain of youth, but whose directions should you follow? Supermodels swear by staying hydrated with a high water intake, spiritual gurus tell us to meditate, the French are all about red wine, there are countless beauty tips and tricks but who are you supposed to believe?

A balanced diet and regular exercise is a given; getting plenty of sleep and monitoring stress levels is also important but what it all really boils down to is keeping your cells healthy. Every day billions of cells die in your body and are replaced with new ones:
  • Your liver is replaced every five months
  • Your skin is replaced every four weeks
  • Even your heart tissue replaces itself
  • Some research claims that your brain cells regenerate too

The quality of your new cells all depends on the material that’s available to make them. This is where nutrition comes in. If you fuel your body with healthy food, packed with vitamins and minerals, the new cells being formed can actually be stronger and healthier than the old cells ever were. This is called regeneration… and there lies the fountain of youth. If you feed your body poorly, the new cells will be inferior - this is called degeneration.


There’s always a focus on skin when we talk about looking more youthful, and while a good skincare regime helps, there are certain nutrients that definitely make skin look and feel better. Collagen and Silica are two of the main ones. Grapeseed Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc and Vitamin C also contribute to healthy looking skin.

So, are your cells regenerating or degenerating? Find out the difference between healthy new cells and inferior replacements.


5 Things That Will Fast-track Cell Degeneration and Ageing

1. Processed Foods
These are dead foods that are filled with calories but almost no nutrients! All processed food is deficient in enzymes that are necessary for digestion. They place a big strain on your body, especially your liver, and are often filled with preservatives that wreak havoc on your body.

2. Sugar
Just one teaspoon of sugar depresses the immune system for two hours. It overworks the pancreas and depletes calcium. (No wonder there is so much osteoporosis!) When our blood sugars are high, we are high and when our blood sugars are low, then our mood and energy levels also plummet. There are absolutely no vitamins or minerals in sugar and unfortunately, it’s highly addictive (as many of us know). Do your body (in particular your cells) a favour and kick your sugar habit… you’ll feel better for it!

3. Alcohol
We all know that alcohol is toxic to the liver, but it also depletes B Vitamins, depresses the nervous system and restricts your bone marrow from generating new blood cells. As if that’s not enough, your brain health can also be affected, slowing down your mental processing.

4. Caffeine
Yes caffeine too. Not only is it highly addictive, it puts stress on the adrenal glands and negatively affects the nervous system, causing emotional fatigue. As a diuretic, it dehydrates the body and depletes calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. It can even increase blood pressure. It’s important to remember that caffeine is not just in coffee. One can of Coke has approximately 35mg of caffeine. Other soft drinks have between 35 to 50mg of caffeine, and they’re full of sugar too.

5. Rancid Fats and Oils
Steer clear of greasy, fatty deep fried foods and many baked goods – they create free radicals, which injure cell membranes, enzymes and DNA. They stress the digestive system and the liver while raising cholesterol levels... besides, they always leave you feeling unsatisfied and full of regret.


The Secrets Behind Cell Regeneration: 5 Things That Will Keep You Young

1. Fresh Vegetables
Fresh produce is filled with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that protect the body from disease and ageing. Phytochemicals are the ‘heavy weights’ in regeneration and are a must to stay youthful. Dark green leafy vegetables (like kale) and veges (particularly broccoli and beetroot) are excellent sources of the regeneration power house. Vege powders are also a quick and easy way to add more nutrients into your day, and they’re great in juices and smoothies!

2. Fresh Fruits and Superfoods
Also filled with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, fruits have a range of health benefits, particularly fruits like lemons, blueberries, acai berries and avocados.

3. Omega 3
Omega 3 essential fatty acids protect various health conditions linked to your brain, heart and joints. They also help the skin to stay elastic and hydrated, which means wrinkles are less likely to appear. Get yourself a good source of Omega 3, whether in supplement form or from foods like flaxseed oil and oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines.

4. Pure Water and Herbal Teas
The supermodels were on to something, water is needed for so many different functions in your body – including detoxification. It’s no secret that your body functions much better when it is adequately hydrated. Pure water is always best but if you’re looking for something with a little more flavour, mix up your drinks with a variety of herbal teas.

5. Exercise, Friendship, Nature and Sleep
A well balanced lifestyle is what we need to strive for. Stress of any sort impacts you body’s overall health - whether it’s being caused by an unhealthy relationship, poor food choices or lack of sleep. When we are in poor health, it shows. Thankfully, when we are in good health, it shows too.



All this sounds well and good, but what about putting it into practice?

How to Stay Healthy

healthy lifestyle that works for you. As your body starts functioning on a healthier level, you’ll naturally stop craving things that interfere with your body’s balance. Just remember, you’re only as old as you feel and with the right lifestyle, you can feel and look more youthful, no matter what your age.

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