Thanks to all for a great product

Thanks to all for a great product

I wanted to share with you the most amazing improvement your product – Immulox has had on my life.

Dear Good Health,

For the last 10 months I have suffered an unknown chronic skin condition all over my body. Over that time medical costs have exceeded $3500, including specialist costs with no improved. Acupuncture (10 sessions) had a slight impact.

17 days ago I visited Balmoral Chemist in Napier to get some relief from the itch. Debbie the shop assistant encouraged me to try Immulox®. Within this short time there has been a substantial improvement in my condition by about 90-95%. August was the first month in 2014 I haven't seen a GP about my condition.

I believe by the end of September all skin issues will be cleared up by using Immulox® only.

I am so pleased with the improvement that I have offered my time, to spend in the store if they wish to do a promotion around Immulox®. I am more than happy to front up and inform people what the product has done for me.

Thanks to all for a great product.

Graham Booth

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