The Importance of Protein for Weight Loss

The Importance of Protein for Weight Loss

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Did you know that after the age of 30, the average person’s resting metabolic rate decreases 2-3% every 10 years or so? This is mainly because we are less active and lose muscle. But it’s no secret that as you become older and wiser, it’s more difficult to shed those extra layers. Eating protein not only keeps you fuller for longer, but it helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

There are plenty of protein-only diets trending at the moment so we asked our naturopaths, “Why exactly is it that protein is great for weight loss?”


What foods contain protein?

The best sources of protein are fish, chicken, turkey, beef and eggs in moderation. Good vegetarian sources of protein include tofu, tempeh, legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and cottage cheese. A quick, nutritious and healthy alternative is protein powder. Protein powder can be great to assist weight loss, especially for people that crave carbohydrates. Protein shakes are great for when you’re on the run.

Wheyless protein powder is a combination of high quality whey protein and natural ingredients designed to assist your body’s normal metabolism, appetite and energy levels. Each serving provides 21.25g of protein from Whey Protein Concentrate with only 2.6g of carbohydrates. It can be mixed with either cold water, skim milk, soy, rice or nut milks such as almond or even coconut milk and can be used up to four times daily. It can also be made into a mousse or thick shake – Yum!

Mix 2 scoops of Wheyless with 1 Tbsp of Flaxomega Flax Oil (optional), 200ml of your choice of milk, a dollop of acidophilus yoghurt or other low-fat unsweetened yoghurt with 1 piece of fruit (berries are good and are lower in carbohydrates) and 2-3 ice cubes and blend. It can also be added to hot or cold cereals to increase protein intake or add to yoghurt and berries.

How much protein should people be consuming?

In an ideal world, it would be best to have a serving of protein with every meal to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and starve off those hunger pains caused by plummeting blood sugar levels. This generally happens when we eat refined carbohydrate foods – a scenario which causes a vicious cycle, making weight loss difficult because hunger is triggered by insufficient amounts of protein. We would recommend 100-150g of uncooked meat or 50-100g of cooked lean protein with each meal depending on body weight, activity and age.

How will protein help me achieve my weight loss goals?

Protein regenerates lean muscle, which improves the resting metabolic rate and preserves lean muscle mass. It is important for staying in shape, toning and looking great. Protein also aids muscle repair after exercise and can be beneficial for people with low immunity due to lack of protein or over-training.

What else will assist with weight loss?

Monitoring your calorie intake is a good start. One way you can lower your calorie intake is by eating more plant-based foods – fruit, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains. However, the special ingredient to keep hunger at bay is protein.

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Not all products recommended may be available in South Africa at this time