Why you should step out of the office every day this week

Why you should step out of the office every day this week

Author -  Good Health

It’s estimated that over 40% of workers don’t leave their office for a walk or fresh air all day. Studies have also shown that people with jobs that require them to sit down have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease compared to those with standing jobs. Popping out into the fresh air for lunch or a wander around each day will do you wonders!

Sitting all day is really bad for your muscular health because the muscles are not doing their number one job… Moving!  Sitting all day affects posture, mostly due to the fact that the muscles are inactive – it’s these muscles that hold our skeletal system together. The inactivity of large muscles such as the legs means we lose muscle mass, tone and strength. Inactivity can also cause reduce circulation to the heart and have other effects on the body, from cold hands and feet to varicose veins. If you can’t make time to hit the gym after work, it’s a great idea to get some fresh air during your lunch break!

Here are some of our top reasons why you should step out of the office for lunch:

  • To avoid tense and tight muscles that come from sitting all day.
  • To help with weight management - you’ll burn 3-5 times more calories if you’re moving around (180 – 300 per hour vs. the 60 per hour sitting at your desk).
  • To keep a smile on your dial. Inactivity and lack of exercise can have an adverse effect on our mood and stress levels. Get those endorphins!
  • Sitting down for long periods of time changes the way the body metabolizes fats and sugars. Inactivity makes the muscles unable to take in fat and the cells are less receptive to glucose, which raises blood sugar levels - increasing your weight and possibility of type two diabetes.
  • To avoid eye strain and symptoms like dry and red eyes or blurred vision that can lead to headaches. Give your eyes a break from the computer screen!
  • You’ll actually be more productive at work! Movement increases circulation, which means more oxygen to your brain, muscles and organs.
  • To get your dose of Vitamin D. Long working hours in-doors makes this is a common deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for supporting mental and emotional wellbeing and stimulating the uptake and absorption of calcium into your bones. It also contributes to maintaining a healthy immune system.
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